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Emphatically No LP


Oh joy, here is the 2nd vinyl pressing of Cheekface's supposedly outstanding sophomore LP "Emphatically No." Now you too can spin underground classics like "Listen To Your Heart. No." and "Best Life" on your home turntable system with the clarity that only analog audio can provide, and gaze upon Amanda Tannen's album art in humongous 12-inch form. This pressing is on grassy green and transparent vinyl, with a lyric sticker insert.

Release Date: 1/11/21

1. "Listen to Your Heart." "No."
2. Best Life
3. Call Your Mom
4. Crying Back
5. Wedding Guests
6. (I Don't Want to Go to) Calabasas
7. Original Composition
8. No Connection
9. Emotional Rent Control
10. Big Big Friend
11. Loyal Like Me
12. Do You Work Here?
13. Don't Get Hit by a Car

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